More Legs Interview with Delaney Hollenbeck

We got a chance to talk with fashion blogger, Delaney Hollenbeck, about her day to day life and what her fashion go-to’s are! 

Height: 6'4"
Location: Atlanta, GA
What made you decide to start blogging?
A few different things. The first thing is just my love for fashion. The second reason is that I know I'm not the only tall woman looking for solutions! Because I'm passionate about fashion, I know that I've put in the time, research, and effort into finding clothing that fits my tall frame and I want to be able to share that! I know from my inner circle and also through encounters I've had that there are others out there that are looking for the same solutions that I am. I want my platform to encourage women to embrace their height and to be a resource for the tall community. It's also exciting to partner with and provide awareness to the solutions that tall-friendly brands are providing today.
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee all the way! 
Celebrity crush?
Tough to narrow down, but I'm going to have to go with Chris Hemsworth.
What is best thing about being tall?
Presence! People remember you and you automatically stand out!
What is your favorite trend at the moment?
Tied between two-piece sets and wide leg dad jeans!



Best styling tip for tall women?
Confidence! Nothing is more beautiful!
What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 
Fun crop tops, sneakers with feminine outfits, two piece matching lounge sets, wide leg jeans
Heels or no heels?
I say heels-- you are already tall and people are already going to stare! Just wear the heels, what's another few inches?
What are some of your pet peeves about being tall?
Comments like "You're tall" or "You make me feel short." I'd rather have some originality or conversation in tall comments vs. stating the obvious.
What are you looking forward to most about Morlé?
I'm most looking forward to the solution that Morle will provide for tall women everywhere! It's not an easy task to come by clothing that is long enough, that fits us correctly AND is trend-forward. I know Morle will bring all of those things along with quality at an affordable price and I'm excited to feel comfortable and confident in the collections.
Instagram: @inthetalllane