More Legs Interview with Ndidi

We got a chance to talk with Ndidi, about her day to day life and what her fashion go-to’s are!

Height:  6'0
Location: Atlanta, GA
TV Series or Movies? 
TV Series: Power/Ghost/First 48 & Movies: Bad Boys/Blood Diamond/Tears of the Sun
Celebrity crush? 
Celebrity crush is Serge Ibaka.
What is the best thing about being tall? 
The best thing about being tall is unknowingly/unintentionally commanding a room without speaking.
What is your favorite trend at the moment? 
My favorite trend at the moment are metallic colors. For example, metallic knee high boots are popular this fall & metallic colored handbags.
Best styling tip for tall women? 
Best styling tip for tall women is to understand how to break up our height with certain clothing pieces, so we do not look baggy or too big for the clothes.
What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 
My current fashion obsessions are tiny purses, high waist wide leg jeans, and oversized blazers.
Heels or no heels? 
Definitely heels!
What are some of your pet peeves about being tall? 
My biggest pet peeve about being tall is not being able to find pants/jeans long enough. I prefer my pants/jeans to touch the ground whether I'm wearing heels or flat shoes.
 What is one thing your followers would be surprised to hear? One thing my followers would be surprised to hear is my height came from a great great grandmother that was apparently 7'0. My parents are both around 5'8".
Instagram: @ndidimichele